August is National Wellness Month

I’m not one to typically post about a themed month, yet this one strikes close to home. Wellness has been a priority for me recently, as I have gone through a lot of changes in my personal life. Truthfully, there are areas where I really feel “unwell” and depleted. With August also being my birthday month, I figured I definitely out to write about this.

When you think of ‘wellness’ the first thing that probably pops up is ‘physical wellness.’ But physical wellness is only one of eight domains when it comes to overall wellness. I used to love teaching wellness to my college students! They were often flummoxed in realizing that they weren’t ‘well’ because they were struggling in one or more domains that they didn’t know existed.

Let’s break it down. What are the Eight Domains of Wellness?

  1. Physical Wellness

    A. For me: Exercising daily (yoga, running, dance, etc.), sleeping 8+ hours, eating health foods (cutting out sugars)

  2. Emotional

    A. For me: See a Therapist, practice stress management techniques, intentionally practice acceptance and forgiveness

  3. Intellectual

    A. For me: Read(!), appreciate art (attend a First Friday walk), take a course and/or learn something new

  4. Social

    A. For me: Cultivate healthy attachments/relationships, community involvement (maybe volunteer?), Share my food preservation skills by teaching someone to waterbath can

  5. Spiritual

    A. For me: Seek harmony by being present with others and allowing them to be their authentic selves, practice meditation daily (even just 5 minutes), and seek alone time for reflection (i.e. hike 14ers)

  6. Environmental

    A. For me: Reduce, reuse, recycle (imagine Jackson Johnson singing!), intentionally conserve water or another resource.

  7. Occupational

    A. For me: Be open to change by learning new skills, explore career options (although I love my job!)

  8. Financial

    A. For me: create a budget and stick to it, strategize business expenses that will have at least one return on investment; and seek out at least one free event each week for “fun”

I’ll add the bonus of an 8th domain in being ‘financial.’ In this day and age, most people are struggling with their financial wellness - myself being one of them! I wrestle with feeling ashamed about his. At my age, I tell myself I should be in a different place. Sadly, that punishing thinking won’t get be anywhere but beating myself up and with no change in the financial situation.

In the end, wellness is a holistic idea. If we are struggling in one area, we may be overcompensating in another. Either way, we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of not being our best selves. I desperately want to be better, healthier, and ‘well.’ And when I say “I’m well,” I want to actually mean it. Not because I’m geeking out on the domains, but because I am truly in-touch with my well-being. I am actively working hard at better healthier and happier.

With it being my birthday month, and the start of yet another circle around the sun, I want to sit and reflect on this past year. I have made many new friends, both personally and professionally. I have made it through several anticipated and unanticipated transitions, all the while launching a business. I have been challenged beyond my wildest dreams on what it means to be exhausted, poor, and still holding on to a vision and dream. I know this year will bring more opportunities for me to focus on my well-being. I will express gratitude more, and try to expect less. I will see a Therapist more. I will work harder on myself, as well as my business. Every day is a new day. This month marks me being just one year older, and I feel it. Yet I want to also feel more grounded - in myself personally, and my work professionally. I look forward to spread the wellness love with everyone who I cross paths with this month and year!

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