Levels of Support

What each family will need or can afford varies. We, at Lilley Consulting, want to hear your story. Don’t be afraid to call and inquire about our services and what you’re struggling with right now. We may be able to help you, or we’ll let you know if we cannot. If we aren’t, we’ll recommend other Consultants we’d trust working with our own family members. Know that getting support is within reach! For clients who are interested in a more concierge type package, we have that available as well.

Hiring an Advocate

It is possible to research programs online however for a parent or family who is looking for the best fit for their young adult, sometimes research is just not enough.  When you are in crisis or worried about your young adult, it is imperative to seek professional expertise to help you make an informed decision.  There are numerous therapeutic placements and it is time consuming to find the best fit or know who is ethical and reputable.  Please, let me take that weight off your shoulders and help!

What’s important to know is that the approach in supporting each family is done differently. Every family functions as a unique unit with separate needs, concerns, and expectations. That is why it is recommended that a family hire a Therapeutic Consultant. A therapeutic consultant is an advocate for the family. They are the ones who assess the family system, and help to create a plan for therapeutic intervention. Lilley Consulting guides the entire family system to a place where healing can begin.

What you can expect in working with a Therapeutic Consultant:

  • Meeting with the family and young adult

  • Connecting with the treatment team

  • Making placement recommendations

  • Advocating for young adult and case managing during treatment

  • Coordinating the continuum of care

A family that hires a therapeutic consultant to support their young adult will most likely have exhausted their local mental health resources. And compassion fatigue is a real thing! Young adults who work with Lilley Consulting may be struggling with *academic deficiencies and learning disabilities, adoption and attachment, anxiety and depression, autism spectrum disorder, emerging adulthood issues (“yet to launch” or “launched & unraveled”), internet or technology addiction, lack of executive functioning/life skills, lack of motivation, lack of social skills, substance use and abuse (including suspension from college), and trauma. *

Why hire a Therapeutic Consultant?

  • Save Time and Money

  • Reduce stress

  • Young adults can get into treatment in a short amount of time

  • Have a professional advocate available for you and your family

Answers to more questions about consultants can be found here.