Traveling to Visit Programs

Google can be the least helpful when a family is in crisis. Every program is vastly different from the next. There are literally hundreds of programs that may pop up for families while searching, yet how can they know which one to choose? As I work for families to find the best fitting program, it’s imperative that I have visited and have a working relationship with program staff at each placement. This is why each month I dedicate time for touring new programs. If you would like Lilley Consulting to become familiar with your program and tour, please contact us here.

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Residential Treatment programs

Some young adults need more structure, or a highly level of care when it comes to medication stabilization or therapies. Each residential treatment program has a specific focus - who they serve, therapeutic modalities, duration of programming, and access to employment and educational opportunities. I advocate to speak with current residents when I’m touring a residential treatment program.



Wilderness therapy can be a profound intervention for the entire family system. It can also be the most clarifying and sober assessment in a young adults life. What’s important to know is that each wilderness program is different too! Between their clinical sophistication, geographic region, unique programming, scholarships, and client profile expertise it’s important to make sure a family goes to the best fitting program for them.



For any young adult who has struggled to launch into adulthood, this type of program tends to be the continued level of care after a wilderness therapy program. You can find these types of programs across the world! Unlike residential treatment, there is often more independence given to these young adults as they master life skills such as budgeting, educational and career-building skills, and healthy relationships.

The three program types listed above are only a brief snapshot of the types of programs I have visited. Some others I have toured include detox facilities, hospitals, inpatient treatment programs that include partial hospitalization and outpatient, recovery programs, sober living houses, gap year programs, mentoring programs, life coaching, parent coaching programs, and any other unique programs that don’t fit within a specific category that serve the mental health needs of young adults that I serve. Check out where we went in 2018 here!