Collaborating to benefit your clients and your practice

Therapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Case Managers, Academic Advisors, Lawyers, and other professionals working to support a young adult who is struggling could benefit from advising a family to also seek the support of a Therapeutic Consultant. In referring a family to a consultant, you as a professional, are advocating that you can no longer support the family in your current role and wish to work within the boundary of your job description. When a family hires a Consultant, it then becomes their job to research programs, case manage behind the scenes of placement, and communicate to all professionals involved an update on the progress on that young person’s progress in treatment.

What can you expect in collaborating with Lilley Consulting?

  • Direct communication with Joanna of Lilley Consulting
  • Cost effective for families
  • Immediate response in assisting a family during a crisis situation
  • Constant travel to visit programs and update placement database
  • Flexibility in working with each individual family and their needs
  • Family support, including a partnership with a parent coaching company
  • Longevity in working with families to ensure continuum of care
  • Clinical-trained consultant who is collaborative in working with other behavioral health professionals