Hiring a consultant will benefit you and your family in the long run. We are the least expensive piece to this puzzle and you will find that we are very valuable. We are not affiliated with any programs, so our support is objective. Treatment is expensive. Having someone who can help navigate that system is an investment in your loved one’s mental health and recovery. We are flexible in the levels of support we can provide, based on the needs of each family. Call us to let us know what you are wanting in support for your young adult.

Understand the Story + Create a Plan + Coordinate all Support

We can research local resources, recommend treatment placements, and coach during adulthood transitions. Regardless of the level of support you are looking for, we can help. It can be that simple. Educate us on what’s going on. We can consult to ensure we’re providing your family with the most accurate and appropriate resources or placement recommendations. When you want us there along side you, we follow along with your progress to ensure there are no significant concerns. We want your young person to be stable, sober, and/or re-launching back into adult life!


For Referring Professionals


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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Upon your request, we can deliver an engaging presentation for your target audience. We speak in front of students, parents, mental health professionals, School Counselors, and Higher Education Professionals. We talk on topics related to college readiness, transitioning into higher education, college mental health, and retention. Presentation tone and learning objectives range based on audience.